Apprenticeship In Toyota Turkiye

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Summer Internship for Undergraduate Students

 University students who would like to be a part of our apprenticeship program to observe Toyota Production System while contributing their personal and occupational development are welcomed to Toyota Turkiye. Please note that undergraduate students of relevant major's with an internship obligation are given the opportunity of internship.

Due to COVID19 preventions, there will be no acceptance of 2020 summer internship demands.

High School Students Apprenticeship Programme
Vocational high school students has apprenticeship opportunity at Toyota Turkiye. Students determined through Sakarya National Education Directorate and during the education year students can work at Toyota Turkiye 3 days a week.

Vocational High School of SAU Internship Programme

Sakarya University Vocational high school students have internship opportunity at Toyota Turkiye. As part of 3+1 apprenticeship programme, students are chosen and during the education year, students can work at Toyota Turkiye for 16  weeks in one semestr.