Paint Shop

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The bodies, which are produced in welding shop, enter into paint shop for not only coloring of the outer surface but also making special coverings which provide sound-proofing and corrosion-resistance.
Before the ED (electro deposition) covering process, bodies pass from several cleaning processes for pre-treatment of steel surface. After surface conditioning process, bodies pass from ED tank and they are coated with ED paint. Following the ED paint process bodies are baked. After the sealer & PVC applications which provide sound isolation and corrosion resistance, bodies send to following step which is the primer coat painting. This process is carried out for making the body resistant against ultraviolet rays and for increasing the surface quality of top coat paint with the help of robots. When the primer coat painting is completed, vehicles are sent to the top coat process after the primer oven. All the movements of the bodies inside the paint shop are done by automatic conveyor system. At the top coat booth we use waterborne paint with cartridge system and applied with robots. Then transferred to oven again. At final process bodies painting quality check and then send to Assembly. All the wastes in paint shop are collected carefully so as not to effect the environment adversely. Currently 22 different colored (10 metallic, 2 solid and 10 Bi-tone) bodies are produced in Paint shop.