Assembly Shop

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Painted bodies arrive at assembly shop entrance while necessary parts arrive to assembly stations "just in time". There is special care for line balancing by sorting different body types in the line. As expressed with Japanese phrase "heijunka", difficult jobs are balanced with easy jobs not to cause any overload on people and machines.

Whenever a body enters assembly shop, a "manifest-paper, which contains all necessary information about vehicle" is attached on it. Then series of assembly operations start on it through the line, while some sub assembly production processes are started in perfect synchronization also. At some instant, every thing meets "just in time" and sub assembly is installed on the body neither early nor late.

Furthermore, thousands of small parts arrive the stations "just in time". Only a small safety stock is kept near the team member, while production control logistics group handles perfect logistics operations.

In case of a difficulty, team members extensively use Andon boards and andon chords. Also optional job defects  and tightening defects are prevented by utilizing control units (Poka-Yoke) which are the systems to support human control. Ultimate goal of TMMT staff is to improve quality of the product while improving efficiency in the manufacturing environment.