Other Environment Activities

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TMMT's environmental management system covers motor vehicle production, vehicle spare parts production and mold production for these parts.

Vehicle and part design is out of the scope  due to made in  Japan TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation).  Some activities within the TME-TK  area(Toyota Motor Europe-Adapazarı branch) located within the factory boundaries are included. (Selection of production machines, installation, selection of materials, suppliers, office activities, etc.)

The activities excluded from TME are as follows:

Product design and development activities (by TMC and TME)
Sales of the vehicles to final customer (by  ALC company)
Investment purchase activities
Sub-industry development activities
Sub-industry project management
Environmental aspects of Toyota Logistics Service Turkiye (TLST) company were also included. (Vehicle acceptance operation, vehicle driving and parking to the site, vehicle shipment to the ports with trucks, office activities, etc.)

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certificate:

TMMT has established ISO 14001 management system in order to manage environmental aspects and improve environmental performance continuously . TMMT received the ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System Certificate valid until 2023.

Additionally, TMMT;

Optimizes resource utilize
Obeys to regulations, and voluntarily invests to the environmental projects
Plans and implements environmental projects
Considers continuity as a base at its environmental performances and implementations
Supports all efforts to fulfill the expectations on this subject
ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate:

With the establishment and operation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, TMMT aims to protect natural life, prevent environmental pollution and reduce energy consumption. TMMT received the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate valid until 2023.

 TMMT received ISO 5001: 2018 Energy Management System Certificate valid until 2023.

 TMMT aim to continuously improve energy performance and ensure enrgy efficiency by ISO 5001: 

2018 Energy Management System in line with 2050 Environmental Challenges announced by Toyota Global in 2015.

'' TMMT also received the ''Zero Waste Certificate '' by establishment of waste segragation management system from ministry of environment and urbanization ''

 Resource utilization related activities:

100% recycle of all wastes generated in the plant
In our stack emmission process, emmissions are made harmless to the environment.
40% reduction of VOC emissions by using water-based paint.
Use of solar energy in some areas for lighting, heating and electricity generation.
Water consumption reduction activity
LED conversion activity
Steamless Project
Air leakage prevention activities
Compressor efficiency improvement activities
Motor efficiency improvement activities
Preparation of factory biodiversity report


  • TMMT continuously encourages its partner companies, to perform improvement    activities related to environmental issues
  • With the help of the trainings, members' recognition about environmental concerns is increased