Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Toyota's efforts to make sustainable mobility a reality with hydrogen started in 1992, even before the release of the Prius. As a result of 20-years effort, in December 2014, Toyota launched the world's fist mass-produced Fuel Cell Vehicle "Mirai", which means 'Future' in Japanese.
Through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, fuel cell vehicles generate electricity to power a motor. Instead of gasoline they are fuelled by hydrogen, an environment-friendly energy source that can be produced from a variety of raw materials.
The Mirai features the Toyota Fuel Cell System, which combines fuel cell technology with hybrid technology. The system is more energy efficient than internal combustion engines, and offers excellent environmental performance without emitting CO2 or other harmful substances during driving. At the same time, the system gives vehicles convenience on a par with conventional gasoline engine vehicles, thanks to a cruising range of roughly 650 km and a refueling time of about three minutes.