Training Policy

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Training is directly connected with the job performance of employees, so that it is one of the most important activities. Training and development is "continuous process" at both Toyota and TMMT.

TMMT believes that developing employees' potential is critical for organizational effectiveness.

On the job training is essential part of Toyota Way which gives a chance to new members to learn high tech production themselves.

According to the scope and requirements of the jobs, some of our employees are sent to Japan for different intervals starting with 1 week up to a couple of years. Purpose of those trips are training, self improvement and some times to provide hands on experience at mother plant in Japan.

Goals of Toyota Turkiye Training System:
To provide a productive and skillful work force through on-the-job training
To manage and develop in-house training activities
To provide proper training for the promoted employees, in order to prepare them to the new responsibilities
To realize training activities in the most efficient way
To update and extend employees' knowledge, skills and experience
To enhance job satisfaction and motivation