The 18th Traditional Ekiden Races at TMMT

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The 18th Ekiden races organized every year by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye with the participation of TMMT employees. The Ekiden races brought joyful moments to everyone. It offered a fun experience and all participants held a gentle race. This year's winner of the competitive competition was the "Efsane A Team".

The 18th of the traditional "Ekiden" races organized by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye to increase motivation and strengthen team spirit, was held 2022 on Saturday, October 15. The Ekiden races, which were the scene of colourful images and were suspended for a while due to the pandemic, met with great interest. During the competitions, which were held in an atmosphere full of  solidarity, all employees had the opportunity to relieve their stress, have fun and strengthen the bond between them. At the races, which have been organized by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye every year since 2003, 648 runners from 72 teams competed against each other this year, while the "Efsane A Team" was able to write its name to the top.


Ekiden races take place in production facilities

The traditional Ekiden races, organized by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye to strengthen the sense of teamwork and solidarity and increase motivation, took place on the 950-meter track at TMMT’s production facilities in Sakarya. At the races, in which 648 people participated, the "Efsane A Team" took the first place, the team "Yazaki Efsane" took the second place and the team "Paint All Star" took the third place.

Ekiden races, which increase the power of team spirit and solidarity, take their name from a relay race created in Japan in 1917. The name of the Ekiden race, which is performed by the team members who pass the "tasuki" to each other's teammates, consists of the combination of the words "eki", which means station in Japanese, and "den", which means transferred.

Breath taking challenge in the Women's Cup

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye, which continues to work to improve the role of women in business life, supports the demonstration of women's power in sporting activities. At the activities of Ekiden, the teams of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye competed with female employees to place their names to the top of the Women's Cup. In the competition, the ‘’TMMT Stars team’’ was the winner of the contested challenge, while the ‘’Paint All Star Team’’ took the second place and the ‘’Yazaki Running Academy team’’ took the third place. 

Commenting on the races, TMMT President and CEO Erdoğan Şahin, said: "Ekiden is more than a race. Since 2003 we have been organizing Ekiden to strengthen the sense of togetherness, team spirit and solidarity and to increase motivation. We are happy to sign a beautiful event with the Ekiden races this year, which we held for the 18th time, where TMMT employees have fun by doing sports together."