TMMT Continues to Support Technnical Training

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye continuous to support increasingly technical vocational training through donation of engines, transmissions and automobiles to vocational schools. And now, TMMT donated equipments also AFAD and fire services.

TMMT aims to contribute technical  education quality improvement and development of students’  knowledge and abilities. For this reason, TMMT continues to donate vehicles, engines and transmissions to schools, AFAD and fire services. Lastly, TMMT donated 20 automobiles to 17 different cities; 133 engines and 115 transmissions to 26 different cities. Consequently, TMMT donated 47 automobiles, 376 engines and 355 tranmissions in this year. Also TMMT supported AFAD and fire services by donated 14 automobiles to 5 different cities.

With national activity based understanding, TMMT continues to add a value to education besides Turkey’s economy. Also,TMMT creates awareness with the offering long term and short term internship programs and technical plant tours for students to increase their awareness.