13th Technical Project Competition Resulted

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13th Technical Project Competition was taken place in cooperation with Sakarya Govenorship National Education Directorate. 20 projects, 33 students and 2 schools were awarded among 200 projects. Technical project competition gained reoginal qualification with the participation of Sakarya’s neighbour cities this year also.

TMMT VP Toshihiko Kudo, mentioned at the ceremony that; "Continues improvement" is only able with the well educated and open minded people and also he underlined that, they always move on with this essential principle to do better with the participation of everyone. He said that with the project competition that has been done for the last 13 years, they are happy to collaborate the ideas of youth and to encourage their research and development skills. He pointed that they are satisfied with this high participant this year 400 students, with their project about environment and automation.

Mr. Kudo congratulated students and also their families and teachers, who got awards with their projects, and thanked to the Sakarya Governorship and Sakarya National Education Manager for their contribution to the event.