TMMT Annual Social Responsibility Activities Completed

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In 2018-2019 education year, eco tour and school of traffic safety projects completed within the scope of the corporate social responsibility and almost 1000 students attended in this year.

Nearly 15.000 students joined those activities within past eight years and this year 27 schools participated to the project.  With the collaboration of Sakarya directorate of national education, this project aims to create awareness of the children on environment and traffic safety at an early ages.

In eco tour project, 13 schools and 419 students participated to the activity from Sakarya. Student observed waste water treatment facility, solar energy systems and production processes of TMMT. In traffic school project, 14 schools and 441 students participated to activity from Sakarya. Students watched films about traffic and they learned many useful information about traffic lights, crossroads and seatbelt usage.

TMMT will continue its activities to develop children who has consciousness about  the environment and traffic safety.