TMMT Thanked The Senior Employees

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At the service year award ceremony, TMMT congratulated its 982 employees who had completed their 5th, 15th, 20th, and 25th years for their contributions. The ceremony, attended by the Executive Committee, was held together with the relevant employees, taking into account the COVID-19 measures.

TMMT, which is among Turkiye's production and export leaders, sees employee satisfaction as one of its main priorities. As of 2021, 728 employees completed 5 years, 59 employees completed 15 years, 179 employees completed 20 years and 14 employees completed 25 years. This year marks the first time that two employees have reached the milestone of 30 years of service.

Speaking at the ceremony, TMMT General Manager and CEO Toshihiko Kudo said, “Having the opportunity to witness Toyota's long history in Turkey and adding strength to our company for many years, from the 7th Generation Corolla to the new CHR and 12th Generation Corolla, I would like to thank all our employees and wish them a year full of health and success. Please share your experiences with the younger generation so that we can continue production while maintaining quality and efficiency. ' he said.