Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye Supports Technical Education

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TMMT, which donates automobiles, engines and transmissions for educational purposes to schools all over Turkiye, continues its activities to support vocational and technical education.

Considering "Quality Education", one of the Sustainable Development Goals, as one of its priority issues, TMMT donated a total of 76 engines and 100 transmissions to technical high schools and vocational high schools in 22 provinces in 2022.

TMMT continues to support schools in order to develop students' professional knowledge and abilities through training with cutting-edge technology. TMMT delivered engines and transmissions to schools in Elâzığ, Bursa, Malatya, Isparta, İstanbul, Siirt, Kocaeli, Afyon, Bingöl, Antalya, Denizli, Şırnak, Gaziantep, Ordu, Karaman, Edirne, Samsun, Sivas, Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa, Balıkesir and Hatay provinces that will contribute to the practical education of students.

Regarding the donation of engines and transmissions, TMMT President and CEO Erdoğan Şahin said, “With our understanding of education support, we care about the students' equipment as well as their professional and technical development. In this context, we are happy to contribute to the development of students' knowledge and skills and to help them find a job more easily when they graduate. We will continue to provide equipment support to our schools so that they can follow current technology.” said.