Once Again TMMT Is Among In The “Export Champions"

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Adding value to the Turkish economy with its production, export and employment figures, TMMT took its place among the "Export Champions" once again. TMMT, which exports the vehicles it produces in its factory in Sakarya to 150 countries of the world, was once again selected as "Turkiye's Second Biggest Exporter" with 3.8 billion dollars exports by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) in 2021.

TMMT, one of the leading companies of the Turkish automotive industry, added a new one to its successes with its superior export performance. TMMT was awarded as "Turkiye's Second Biggest Exporter" by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). TMMT received this award with its export success of 3.8 billion dollars in 2021.

Export from Sakarya to 150 Countries

TMMT, ranked second according to the "Turkiye's top 1000 exporters" research, once again had its name written in golden letters at the "Export Champions" ceremony, where the success of the companies that make the most exports are rewarded every year. It produced a total of 230 thousand vehicles in its production factory in Sakarya and exported 188 thousand of these vehicles to 150 countries of the world.

Toyota is the creator of hybrid vehicles

President & CEO Erdoğan Şahin received the award on behalf of TMMT. Expressing that proud to be the second largest exporter in Turkiye, Şahin said: “In line with our strategic targets, we have added value to the country's economy in 2021 as well. 2021 has been a special and meaningful year for us; We have achieved a significant success by releasing our 3 millionth vehicle from the tape. We have earned 3.8 billion dollars income from the export of these vehicles. We experience the pride of adding value to the Turkish economy and the happiness of producing environmentally friendly production and environmentally friendly cars. We will continue to work with the same passion and increase our export success by taking sustainability as our focus and service to our country as our target.”