Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye Organized "Environmental Month" Activities for a Better Future

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Türkiye, which continues its activities as part of the "Toyota 2050 Environmental Targets and Climate Action" for a better future, celebrates June as "Environmental Month" in its factories to increase environmental awareness. In this context, various activities are intended to raise awareness of the environment.

TMMT organized activities this year as part of the activities of the "June Environmental Month" to raise awareness of the entire society, as well as its employees for a more livable world.

TMMT, which aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment within the framework of the global plans it pursues, continues its "Environment Month" activities to draw attention to various aspects of environmental issues and create responsibility and awareness of nature and the environment.

"The efficient use of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity and the contribution to a greener and more livable world through the use of environmentally friendly production technologies are top priorities for us," said Erdoğan Şahin, CEO of TMMT. To leave a cleaner environment for future generations, Toyota states that they aim to minimize the negative impact on the environment by conducting activities, to combat climate change and its effects in accordance with the Toyota 2050 Environmental Goals and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Türkiye draws attention to environmental awareness

TMMT draws attention to the topic of nature and the environment with the activities and studies it organizes in June. TMMT, which has visualized the posters "Toyota 2050 environmental targets" as part of the "Environmental Month" to raise awareness at various points of the factory, aims to increase environmental awareness starting from its employees. The company emphasizes environmental sensitivity by sharing images in all areas to reduce water, energy and waste.

TMMT, which carries out "print output reduction activities" with its employees to develop environmentally friendly business processes and use all resources in internal activities more efficiently, thus draws attention to paper waste.

TMMT organized a painting competition entitled "Climate Action Reduce CO2", which will raise awareness of climate change and its effects in order to instill environmental awareness and responsibility towards nature in the children of its employees at an early age. TMMT has also made children see the movie "Ecogiller-2". As part of the "Environmental Month", badges and magnets with the inscription "Climate Protection and Toyota 2050 Environmental Goals" were also distributed to all employees.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Türkiye Contributes to the Environment at Every Step

TMMT, which has sensitized nearly a thousand students to environmental and road safety issues with the Environmental Tour project launched in 2010, is continuing the project it has interrupted due to the pandemic. With the project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Sakara Provincial Directorate of National Education, students will have the opportunity to see an environmentally conscious production process and waste water treatment plant as well as solar energy systems during the factory tour. In recent years, about 7,000 students have been involved in the project, which also included a waste separation game to understand the importance of recycling and improve environmental sensitivities.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals "Goal 13: Climate Protection", TMMT has built a power plant on the water storage area as part of the Hamsu Solar Power Plant Renewable Energy Program. The plant with an installed capacity of 100 kilowatts will produce 138,640 kilowatt hours of renewable energy per year. The power plant, whose priority will be to avoid carbon emissions, will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

A Big Step Towards Being Environmentally Friendly with the Zero Waste Goal

TMMT, which has carried out important projects taking into account the needs of society, continues to avoid waste and use resources more efficiently. In addition to the realization of environmentally friendly production, it also contributes to increasing environmental awareness with its social responsibility activities. It reached around 2000 students as part of the "Zero Waste Project" of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. TMMT, which instilled environmental awareness in the students, was also awarded the Zero Waste Badge.