Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye Contributes to Equal Opportunities in Education

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye, which contributes to ensuring that every student has equal education opportunities in the use of technology, continues to donate computers to schools for educational purposes.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye continues its equipment support for schools to integrate students into society with a quality education and pass on the use of the technology to future generations. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye, which has donated a total of 197 desktops and 58 laptops to 22 schools, including 13 primary schools, 9 high schools, will continue to increase its support for educational purposes.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye, which acts with the belief that quality education is one of the most powerful tools of sustainable development, continues to work to ensure that all students across the country receive equal and inclusive education with the technical equipment and computer support it provides to schools.

TMMT President and CEO Erdoğan Şahin, who stated that they will always continue their support for education and will continue their activities to ensure that students are trained with the latest technology at the same time, said: "The use of technology has an important place in education as well as in all areas of life. For this reason, as in previous years, we continue our support to bring students together with technology and create equal opportunities. We attach great importance to the fact that all students who shine light on our future, continue their education with qualified and high-quality computers and devices and hope that they will have a successful educational life."