Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye’s Great Support to Vocational Education

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye continues to work to increase the quality of vocational technical education and provide a skilled workforce and also offers opportunity to the students before start business life with one step ahead, in cooperation with SUBÜ Arifiye Vocational High School.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye continues to contribute to the careers of young people within the framework of "Quality Education and Equipped Workforce" with its cooperation that began in 2017 with Sakarya Applied Science University (SUBÜ) Arifiye Vocational School.

The cooperation, which aims in particular at the training of "Qualified Maintenance Members", contributes to the training of qualified workers in the automotive- and sub-industries and supports the professional development of students. SUBU Vocational School Mechatronics department which opened in 2020 aims to graduate its first students in June 2023. The students of the 2nd class had the opportunity to implement the theoric knowledge they gained in their education life with the internship program were trained in Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye.

TMMT President and CEO Erdoğan Şahin who stated that they will always support the students in terms of professional development: "Within the scope of the "Maintenance Training Program" our students taking responsibilities in the departments determined during the internship period and have the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice under the supervision of expert. By adopting "Quality Education" as one of our priority themes from the Sustainable Development Goals, we will continue to improve students professional knowledge and skills while receiving education with current technology. We plan to expand the Maintenance Training Program, which we launched for the first time this year, with more students and longer training periods in the coming years."

Students who have participated in the training at the TMMT Maintenance Competency Training Center received training on the following topics for a total of 8 weeks - 33 working days: Occupational Safety, Basics of Maintenance, Safe Operation in Control Panels, PLC, Automatic Control, Pneumatic and Hydraulic, Servo Drive, Inverters and Motors. The students explained that the internship processes in Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye were efficient and active, expressing that they were very happy and motivated to receive this opportunity and stated that they wish these trainings were more. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye will continue to offer opportunities to new students in the second semester of the academic year as this activity will be sustained in the coming years.