TMMT ‘Environment Month’ Completed

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16th of TMMT ‘’environment month’’ started in June 2018. Activities to be held during June with the participation of employees and their family. Purpose of the activity is raising environment  awareness.

In 2016, ‘’TOYOTA 2050 environment targets’’ shared by TMC. TOYOTA plan to minimize negative impact about environmet until 2050. TOYOTA uses ‘’green’’ production and recyling to leave a better earth for the future generation.

In this environment month, TMMT planned several activities for its employees to understand importance of protection of biological diversity and green environment. TMMT aims to expand awareness about green environment. For this reason, TMMT shared informative posters at different areas in factory. During the ‘Environment Month’ besides all these activity to reduce water, energy and waste. TMMT will also arrange environment cleaning with employees.

With the aim of cleaner and greener environment, all the activities will be realized in line with ‘‘challenge of establishing a future society in harmony with nature