Technical Education Equipment and PC Donation

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkiye continuous to support technical vocational training through donation of engines, transmissions,automobilesand PC  to vocational high schools and universites all over the Turkiye.

Our compony  has donated to the technical training to date consists of approximately 250 vehicles, over 1,000 engines and nearly 800 transmissions since 2018 and at the same time total of 653 computers to Sakarya schools,

533 of which are desktop computers and 120 of which are laptop computers, with the goal of increasing students' knowledge and skills by combining education with modern technology.


As TMMT following about the social responsibility project “We willl continue to carry out our activities in order to increase the quality of education and improve the knowledge and skills of students.

While we see support for education as an institutional value, we also aim to bring students into the society with a quality education.” TMMT, which donates vehicles and equipment for educational purposes

within the scope of vocational education support activities, will continue to ensure that students follow the developing technology with the support it gives to education.”